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As part of the The Accordo Quadro di Sviluppo Territoriale “Magistri Comacini” (Spatial Development Framework Agreement ), promoted by the Region Lombardia, the Province of Como, the Comacina Island Foundation and the Cariplo Foundation, the Municipality of Ossuccio created and is responsible for the Comacina Island Cultural Complex, composed by the Island and the Antiquarium Archaeological Museum which is located in Ossuccio, near the church of St. Mary Magdalene and the famous bell tower that represents the symbol of Lake Como.

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An intensive restoration of the archaeological and artistic values ​​of the Comacina Island was made together with an extraordinary recovery and security operations of paths and ways, by taking care of the landscape, in order to make the Island appreciable for the beautiful and suggestive nature, and for its precious art heritage that it preserves.

The important recovery operations in the area of the ancient hospitalis of Ossuccio, allowed the collocation and the creation of the Antiquarium Museum, where were set the most important findings of different sites of the Comacina Island and the Ossuccio territory, comprehensive of archaeological and artistic artifacts.

The Municipality of Ossuccio, owner of the structures that in the past constituted the hospitalis, administrates the Antiquarium, manages the ticket office for the Island, and it is also the main head office of the archaeological museum and it gives all the information that are necessary for visiting the Island.

The Convention established in the year 2009 between the Foundation Isola Comacina, owner of the island, and the Municipality of Ossuccio, gave to the last one, all the activities and functions of the usual administration and the management of the Comacina Island.

The Municipality of Ossuccio is, therefore, the main managing head of the entire Comacina Island Complex and it works in the same time to increase the visit of the great artistic values ​​of the municipality area, as the Romanesque churches of St. Mary Magdalene of Ospedaletto, St. James in Spurano, St. Agata and SS. Eufemia and Vincent in Isola (an hamlet of Ossuccio) and the Holy Mount of Ossuccio, UNESCO Heritage.

This situation constitutes a great news for the tourism of Lake Como, and belongs to a project that started on June 2010, on which the Municipality of Ossuccio believes with strong passion and determination, representing a novelty for the tourist season.

The Municipality of Ossuccio also deals with activities for the Antiquarium Museum and, considering that, it created an administrative team ad hoc which takes care of promotion, organizing events, and guided tours in order to enhance the Island and the surrounding area under a touristic point of view in respect of natural, historical and artistic features.


AQST “Magistri Comacini”

The Accordo Quadro di Sviluppo Territoriale “Magistri Comacini” (Spatial Development Framework Agreement ) is an instrument of negotiated planning, introduced by the regional legislation in 2003 (Law n. 2 of 14 March 2003), which allowed to give a clear and final shape to a sharing process based on a project of the Province of Como that is funded by the Cariplo Foundation.

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This agreement, promoted by the Region Lombardia for the cultural enhancement of the Como Lake area and in particular the “Magistri Comacini” one, was signed in 2005 by the Cariplo Foundation, the Region Lombardia, the Province of Como, which is the main responsible entity helped by the contribute of the Polytechnic University of Milan, and by the following institutions: the Mountain Community Intelvese Lario, the Union of Municipalities of Tremezzo , the Municipality of Bellagio, the Municipality of Cernobbio , the Municipality of Laino, the Ossuccio Municipalty, the Tremezzo Municipality, the Parish of St. Euphemia of Isola (an hamlet of Ossuccio), the Parish of SS. Nazario and Celso Intelvi of Scaria, Villa Vigoni Association, the Villa Carlotta entity, the Comacina Island Foundation, the Italian National Trust, the Center for Magistri Comacini Studies, the University of Insubria, the Como Diocese, the ecclesiastical entity of the Holy Mount and the cultural association called APPACUVI.

The AQST “Magistri Comacini” is one of the first experimental model of a cultural district in which the cultural heritage has the possibility to become the focus point for the development of an area and therefore, it strives for integrating those subjects that works for the cultural heritage enhancement, by creating networked systems that give the legitimacy, strength and the right perspective to the individual projects, that promote the sharing of knowledge, and that spread correct intervention activities on the general heritage, by investing on participation and social events.

The territorial heritage promoted by the AQST, offered two areas which both present problems that compared, they seems antithetic problems: the “Centro” Lake, a coastal strip that is famous and internationally known, and the Intelvi Valley, a mountain area that constitute the background landscape which is visible from the Island, and that was a well-attended holiday destination in the past, with a grate attractively thank to its artistic heritage of a special quality. The complementarity of the two areas, in terms of cultural, environmental, and touristic peculiarities, does not exclude large areas containing a mixture of archaeological, historical-artistic or nature tours.


How to reach us

The Comacina Island is reachable by Taxi-Boat from Ossuccio, or by the Lake Como Public Navigation Company, which allows to land directly on the Island.

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Reaching the Ossuccio Embarking

From Milan:
Highway A9 Milan-Laghi, exit “Como Nord”, and then the direction of SS 340 Regina to Menaggio. Stop in Ossuccio, near the church of St. Mary Magdalene visible thanks to the famous bell tower (follow signs).

From Lugano (CH):
Road Lugano-Menaggio via Porlezza, and then SS-340 Regina for Como. Stop in Ossuccio.

You can reach Como with the State Railway or the North Milan Railways, and then continue by bus or boat.
The Departure is every hour from St. Augustin (near the North Railway Station), ASF Bus Line C10 Como–Colico, Colico direction and stop in Ossuccio.

There’s also the possibility to depart even from the State Railways’ station.

Reaching the Comacina Island

It’s possible to board the private taxi-boat for the Comacina Island near the medieval complex of St. Mary Magdalene in Ossuccio, ticket office and information points at the Antiquarium Museum.
The taxi boat transport ticket is not included and is paid directly on the boat.
Taking the Lake Como Public Navigation Company:
Como, Tavernola, Cernobbio, Moltrasio, Torno, Urio, Pognana Lario, Careno, Nesso, Brienno, Argegno, Sala Comacina, Lezzeno, Campo (an hamlet of Lenno), Lenno, Tremezzo (Villa Carlotta), Cadenabbia, Bellagio, Menaggio, Varenna, Bellano, Dervio, Pianello, Musso, Dongo, Gravedona, Domaso, Piona e Colico.

Stop directly on the Comacina Island.

Useful information on the website

Using this kind of transport is also provided a convention on the ticket for the island. See conventions…

Dates and Times

Comacina Island will be open from March 21 to November 1, 2020.

Archaeological and Natural Park:

From 21 March, April, May, June, September, until 1 November:
daily from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. / last boarding with taxi-boat from Ossuccio at 4:30 p.m.

July, August:
daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. / last boarding with taxi-boat from Ossuccio at 5:30 p.m.

Opening Antiquarium Museum Collection

From 21st March to 1st November:
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. / Last admission to the museum at 4:30 p.m.


To visit the Comacina island and the Antiquarium Museum is provided a payment of an ENTRANCE TICKET.
This ticket can be bought at the Antiquarium Museum or directly at the info point / ticket office on the Island.

The ticket also includes the visit of the Museum.
The taxi boat transport ticket is not included and is paid directly on the boat (7,00 €).

There are penalties for those who will be found without ticket.

NOTES: In case of bad weather the management reserves the right to close the Island earlier than scheduled.

Adults 6,00 €
Children (from 0 to 5 years) FREE
Seniors (over 65 / with ID) 5,00 €
Students (from 6 to 26 – with ID) 4,00 €
Parties min. 20 persons ADULTS 5,00 €
Parties min. 20 persons SCHOOL and COLLEGES 3,50 €
Head-Party FREE
Tours Guide FREE
1 teacher every 15 students FREE
People with disabilities and helper FREE
Members of the “Associazione Culturale Isola Comacina” FREE
Residents in Tremezzina FREE
Residents and born in Sala Comacina FREE
FAMILY PACKAGE: 2 Adults + Children (from 6 to 18) 15,00 €
Taxi boat transfer to be paid directly on the boat (children 0-7 free) 7,00 €
Adults, Seniors, Students and parties adults 2,00 €
Children (0-5) FREE
Parties School and Colleges, children (6-26) 1,50 €

Visit the page of the Conventions!

Informations for the tourist

The tour of the island can be crossed by feet; we recommend using comfortable shoes suitable for a hiking trail.
The paths shown are generally easy even if it is necessary the use of suitable clothing. Although located near the lake, these paths have the characteristics of mountain trails and some parts are not protected. Because of the characteristics of the topography, in case of bad weather conditions, some sections of trails may be forbidden to transit for precaution. Always ask some information concerning the effective road condition.

There’s the possibility to ask at the ticket office on the Island or at the Antiquarium the map of the Comacina Island which gives the possibility to see all the routes and the main points of interest.

On the trail of the island there are explanatory panels to give the main information to the visitors, useful to describe in an accurately way all the archaeological sites, the church of San Giovanni Battista and the Houses of Artists.

The interior of the Church of St. John can be visited only with a guide.

The location of the island is not suitable for people with disabilities.

The use of wheelchairs and/or strollers for children is only possible in certain sections of the island, also because of the presence of different stairs. It’s possible to use these tools for short distances or leave the vehicles in custody at the Antiquarium or directly at the ticket office on the Island.

The dogs can access the island only if they have on a leash and with the appropriate waste bag.

The Island is equipped with pic-nic areas with tables and wooden benches next to the appropriate bins.


In case of rain, the Island is provided of closed spaces for the shelter, corresponding to the rest of medieval habitation near the landing of the King of Belgium, the porch of the church of St. John and the interior of the complex of SS. Faustino and Giovita.
The Comacina Island is equipped with public toilets near the complex of SS. Faustino and Giovita, which are also indicated on the map of the Island.
On the Comacina Island there are the bar “La Botte”, and the restaurant “Locanda dell’isola “.
The Comacina Island Park provides attention to all the families needs, especially for young visitors:

Baby backpack (max 15 kg) are provided at the ticket office on the Island and at the Antiquarium. Rental free for the visit of the Park.
You can ask and book you backpack before your arriving at the park, sending an email at

Toilets inside the park are equipped with a new baby changing table.

Learning more
You can have more information about the Comacina Island and on the surrounding area asking, at the Antiquarium or at the ticket office on the Comacina Island, the support of the text-guides, which are in-depth descriptions of the peculiarities of the Comacina Island. The text-guides are free and are lent as an information support, usable exclusively during the course on the Island. They have to be returned at the end of the path.

The Antiquarium is provided with a bookshop and a gadget area where it is possible to buy some book and notebook.

Sustainable Tourism

The touristic-cultural complex of the Comacina Island chose to follow a development model based on sustainability.
Lots of efforts are involved to promote the social and economic development, with a particular attention to the safeguard of the quality of the environment, the public health and the availability of the present and future resources.


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