Isola Comacina - Arte

The Comacina Island: The home of art.

According to the myth of storic Magistri Comacini, the Comacina island which merges with the Lombard style, contributed to generate the large vein of the Romanesque. The complex of St. Faustinus and St. Jovita has notable exterior walls in square stones, the construction of which is attributed to the unsurpassed mastery of the local twelfth century artists.

The artistic route on the island is interesting for the unusual presence of two sacred buildings with double apse feature unique in Como: The St. Faustinus and St. Jovita and the Baptismal Hall. The later proves to be particularly valuable because of the remains of the baptismal font whose location is atypical. The mosaic floor has stylized naturalistic motifs, within which one can see the inscription BONDILAY. Fine patterned frescoes on the walls of the double apse, dating from the eleventh century, are unique throughout the Larian territory.

The Seventeenth-century church of St. John presents frescoes and stucco work dating between 1800-1900, while the altar is covered with a frontal in Varenna inlaid marble plaster.

The artistic journey is completed with a visit to the three artist’s homes, built by Pietro Lingeri rationalist style in 1940 which refer tothe model of the holiday home of Le Corbusier Maximum functionality and bare essenzials, far from decorativeness, they combine the use of local materials such as stone from Moltrasio and wood, mostly chestnut, making the three buildings blend perfectly into the naturalistic Island Comacina.

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