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The Comacina Island: locus amaenus

At about a hundred metres from the west coast, in the municipality of Ossuccio, stands the only Island of lake Como. Roughly 600 meters long and only 200 meters wide, the Comacina comprises a total area of 6 hectares, mostly covered by lush Mediterranean vegetation. Olives, linden and laurel, with species such as hackberry, hornbeam and black mulberry, dominate the environment, which together with the surrounding area, is called Zoca de l’Oli, thus defining the corner of lake Como characterized by a mild climate and favourable for the cultivation of olive trees and the production of local oil.

The Scenic strip of land, together with the towns along the coast, which are chained harmoniously, is characterized by beautiful nature, creating beautiful landscapes that are reflected in the calm waters of the lake.

Walking along the paths of Comacina you can admire the artistic beauty of the villages opposite, such as the holy Mount of Ossuccio, universal heritage of UNESCO.
Remarkable are the panoramic views, between the vivacious colours of vegetation, culminating in mountain peaks.

Nearby, the lovely countryside is embellished by villas and precious, ancient, patrician houses, as well as welcoming the famous pearl of the Lake, Bellagio.

The nature route on Comacina Island offers a unique opportunity to fully appreciate a picturesque and enchanting place where nature and traditions come together helping to make this corner of the world unique and unrivaled.

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