The “Hospitalis de Stabio”

© Isola Comacina - COMCEPT

© Isola Comacina - COMCEPT

The Hospitalis de Stabio

The building that today hosts the Antiquarium belongs to the hospitalis complex, a place dedicated in the past to give hospitality to poor people and pilgrims. The first information about its existence derives from an ancient document dated 1169 in which are mentioned the church of St. Mary Magdalene and the hospitalis complex. Initially, the economic management of the hospitalis was given to a deacon and later to the Giovio family, which role was officially recognized by the Pope Alexander VI through a papal bull of the 1496.

In the 1898 a portion of the complex hosted the Municipalty, while the remaining part was used as residence and stables. After the death of the last descendant of the family Giovio, in 1907, the hospitalis became the Entity called “Opera Pia Giovio”, and the Adorers Sisters of the Holy Sacrament settled in the 1959, who were already using some places as a retirement home (until 1969). In the basement also a carpentry workshop established its property, which was later substituted by an olive press that operated until the 1982. In 1992 the buildings that hosted the Municipality offices were entrusted to the Sport Society “Soccorsina”.

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