Informations for the tourist

The tour of the island can be crossed by feet; we recommend using comfortable shoes suitable for a hiking trail.
The paths shown are generally easy even if it is necessary the use of suitable clothing. Although located near the lake, these paths have the characteristics of mountain trails and some parts are not protected. Because of the characteristics of the topography, in case of bad weather conditions, some sections of trails may be forbidden to transit for precaution. Always ask some information concerning the effective road condition.

There’s the possibility to ask at the ticket office on the Island or at the Antiquarium the map of the Comacina Island which gives the possibility to see all the routes and the main points of interest.

On the trail of the island there are explanatory panels to give the main information to the visitors, useful to describe in an accurately way all the archaeological sites, the church of San Giovanni Battista and the Houses of Artists.

The interior of the Church of St. John can be visited only with a guide.

The location of the island is not suitable for people with disabilities.

The use of wheelchairs and/or strollers for children is only possible in certain sections of the island, also because of the presence of different stairs. It’s possible to use these tools for short distances or leave the vehicles in custody at the Antiquarium or directly at the ticket office on the Island.

The dogs can access the island only if they have on a leash and with the appropriate waste bag.

The Island is equipped with pic-nic areas with tables and wooden benches next to the appropriate bins.


In case of rain, the Island is provided of closed spaces for the shelter, corresponding to the rest of medieval habitation near the landing of the King of Belgium, the porch of the church of St. John and the interior of the complex of SS. Faustino and Giovita.
The Comacina Island is equipped with public toilets near the complex of SS. Faustino and Giovita, which are also indicated on the map of the Island.
Restrooms are temporarily closed.
Bar and Restaurant are temporarily closed.

Learning more
You can have more information about the Comacina Island and on the surrounding area asking, at the Antiquarium or at the ticket office on the Comacina Island, the support of the text-guides, which are in-depth descriptions of the peculiarities of the Comacina Island. The text-guides are free and are lent as an information support, usable exclusively during the course on the Island. They have to be returned at the end of the path.

The Antiquarium is provided with a bookshop and a gadget area where it is possible to buy some book and notebook.

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