To visit the Comacina island and the Antiquarium Museum is provided a payment of an ENTRANCE TICKET.
This ticket can be bought at the Antiquarium Museum or directly at the info point / ticket office on the Island.

The ticket also includes the visit of the Museum.
The taxi boat transport ticket is not included and is paid directly on the boat (7,00 €).

There are penalties for those who will be found without ticket.

NOTES: In case of bad weather the management reserves the right to close the Island earlier than scheduled.

Adults 6,00 €
Children (from 0 to 5 years) FREE
Seniors (over 65 / with ID) 5,00 €
Students (from 6 to 26 – with ID) 4,00 €
Parties min. 20 persons ADULTS 5,00 €
Parties min. 20 persons SCHOOL and COLLEGES 3,50 €
Head-Party FREE
Tours Guide FREE
1 teacher every 15 students FREE
People with disabilities and helper FREE
Members of the “Associazione Culturale Isola Comacina” FREE
Residents in Tremezzina FREE
Residents and born in Sala Comacina FREE
FAMILY PACKAGE: 2 Adults + Children (from 6 to 18) 15,00 €
Taxi boat transfer to be paid directly on the boat (children 0-7 free) 7,00 €
Adults, Seniors, Students and parties adults 2,00 €
Children (0-5) FREE
Parties School and Colleges, children (6-26) 1,50 €

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