4. The Architecture of Pietro Lingeri at Isola Comacina.
The Rationalist style

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Duration: 1 h

Cost for the guide:
€ 60,00 / max 30 people per guide

Entry ticket to the Island except:
– Full price: € 6.00
– Groups for adults: € 4.50
– Groups students: € 3.00

Ticket Taxi-Boat excluded
(Ossuccio Isola Boat – round trip – € 6,00 pp.)


Visit of the three Artists’ houses on Comacina Island (always from outside / the interior depends on the availability) in rationalist style, designed in the 30s years by the architect Pietro Lingeri. Return to Ossuccio and visit of Villa Leoni (always the external of the building and the park, the interior depending on the availability), another outstanding example of the rationalist architecture of Lingeri.

Rationalist Architecture on Lake Como : between the two World Wars, the Modern Movement, aimed at a radical reform of the principles, characters and design approach in architecture, took place in Europe. One of the main European masters was Le Corbusier. In Italy the first signs of the wish to join the so-called Modern Movement in architecture, were perceived in Como around the group of rationalistic architects led by the young rationalists Giuseppe Terragni. The House of Fascism in Como of Giuseppe Terragni represents the greatest example of rationalist architecture. The Rationalist Architecture in Como is characterized by the rigor of geometrical construction (ribbon windows, flat roofs and a strong geometric component), the functionality of rooms and the use of variety of modern technologies. In the structures, built with a geometric rigor, without ornaments and characterized by simple lines, it is frequent the use of glass brick and stone materials, often with local origin due to the restrictions caused by the regime in those years of autarky.

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