Tales of earth, water and Sky

mostra “Racconti di terra, d’acqua e di Cielo. Gli ex voto dipinti del Santuario della Beata Vergine del Soccorso di Ossuccio”

Ossuccio Sanctuary’s ex-votoes shown to the public for the first time
the exposition tells about centuries of devotion and daily life

The exhibition “Tales of earth, water and Sky. The painted ex-vetoes of Ossuccio’s Sanctuary Beata Vergine del Soccorso” opened on May 8th and offers to the public for the first time a massive corpus of painted ex-votoes that were donated along the centuries to the Sanctuary by faithful.

The exhibition, that shows the most recently renovated of a wider collection of paintings, was strongly wanted by the Community of Minor Capuchin friars, guards of the Sanctuary, and organised by Cattolica University’s CREA –Centre of Research for Education through Art and mediation of the cultural patrimony on the territory and in museums – with Tremezzina’s municipality and Como’s Diocese’s partnership, and is set in the premises of Antiquarium museum “Luigi Mario Belloni and Mariuccia Zecchinelli” and of the Church of S.Mary Magdalene, just in front of the museum.

The exposed paintings tell us through images about centuries of folk devotion, religiosity and local tradition. Stories of faith that also hand down precious expressions of culture and customs of the Lake area, of daily activities, of travels and of the hopes that the faithful pinned on the Virgin.

Illnesses and recoveries, shipwrecks and horse accidents, little stories by the people, by merchants and travellers who escaped natural dangers, are mixed with the greater history, and become an evidence of the international relationships (especially in the field of commerce) that Lake people have had since far in time. A true and actual time-journey is what the visitors experience in the exhibition; they can also benefit from a web site that catalogues the works and allows a virtual access to the exhibition, which will still be accessible after the exhibition closes, and that accompanies those who will visit the exposed works.

The temporary exhibition, curated by Cecilia De Carli and Grazia Massone, is indeed part of a project of enhancement that includes, further than than Martino Mascherpa’s renovations and the historical, iconographical and iconological study of the paintings, a convention held last April 29th at Cattolica University, Milan, within which the general state of ex votoes art was presented, as well as the renovation of the first 36 ex votoes from the Sanctuary.

May 8th – July 20th
Antiquarium museum and Church of S.Mary Magdalene
Via Somalvico, Ossuccio – Tremezzina (CO)

Tue – Thu – Fri – Sat – Sun
10am to 3pm

Free entrance

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